Tuesday 19 August, 2014
14.30 — 18.00

“A Proposal of the Gage-Free Safety Assessment Technique for the Steel Beam Structure under Uncertain Loads and Support Conditions using Motion Capture System”,
Jun Su Park, Byung Kwan Oh, Se Woon Choi, Tongjun Cho, Yousok Kim and Hyo Seon Park

“Structural Health Monitoring of Infrastructure using Wireless Sensor System”,
Dae Woong Ha, Jun Su Park, Jong Moon Kim and Hyo Seon Park

“Video Surveillance Applications based on ultra-low power sensors”,
Valeria Loscri, Michele Magno and Rosario Surace

“A low-overhead localized target coverage algorithm in wireless sensor networks”,
Dimitrios Zorbas and Christos Douligeris

“Connectivity restoration and amelioration in wireless ad-hoc networks: A practical solution”,
Christos Katsikiotis, Dimitrios Zorbas and Periklis Chatzimisios